• AnnuityThe average annuity client has over $250,000 in investable assets.


  • Disability IncomeIn 2012, 12.1%, or 37,627,800 out of 309,936,400 in the United States reported a disability.


  • Linked BenefitsNot all LTC products are created equal. Linked Benefit products offer the best of both worlds, whether it’s life with LTC or annuity with LTC.


  • Long-Term CareAmong the population aged 65+, 69% will develop disabilities before they die, and 35% will eventually enter a nursing home.


  • Life Insurance40% of people say buying life insurance was prompted by major life events.


IPG has the brightest and most knowledgeable team in the industry. We are here to be challenged and bring you the most comprehensive insurance solutions for your clients.
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