Effective February 1st, Prudential launched an Up Sell program which identifies cases where an opportunity for additional insurance is possible without additional underwriting requirements.

Cases eligible for an Up Sell Offer:

  • Single Life Permanent cases (non 1035 Exchanges)
  • Insured age between 18-70
  • Face amount below $5 Million
  • Available for non rated cases only (excludes cases where standard is achieved through the Rate Reduction program)
  • Excludes cases where beneficiaries are a Business, Estate, or Charitable.

Issue instructions are required if any changes are made from how a case was originally applied  for (i.e. rate class, face amount increase or decrease, age, riders, mode, etc); these should include: updated billed premium and mode, face amount confirmation, riders, etc.

Also, Prudential does encourage a revised issue illustration to ensure your permanent policies are issued correctly the first time.

Prudential will hold your permanent cases for 14 calendar days to allow you time to gather the above information and send the revised issue instructions to Prudential. If they do not receive issue instruction within the 14 days the contract will be released for issue.

Please feel free to contact IPG with any questions related to this program.