Licensing / Contracting

At Independent Planners Group we value your relationship with your clients as much as our relationship with you.

In efforts to save time in the carrier appointment process we have enlisted the help of a tool that allows you to fill out your information one time, then allowing us to appoint carriers as needed today and in the future in a streamlined process.  The appointment process is expedited which allows your client solution to be seamless from application to delivery.

Please Click Here to Review Our List of Carriers

There are two options to get started:


Click on the link above to be directed to our SureLC portal in which you will need to register to complete the appointment paperwork, upload your E &O, direct deposit information and signature page.  Keep you username and password handy to add additional carriers as you go no matter the time of day!  You will find short tutorial videos here to help answer your questions for utilizing this system.


Print and complete a paper version of the forms.  Once you’ve completed all applicable information and attached the required documents, you may either fax or email the paperwork to the IPG Home Office.

Steps to filling out the paper version

  • Open the pdf document
  • Fill out the entire document with all applicable information including direct deposit information
  • Scan and Email the completed form in its entirety along with a copy of your E&O Certificate to: jkelley@ipg-us.com or Fax to: 877-488-3361

The choice is yours!

We appreciate your business and hope you will find this tool useful in expediting the appointment process.