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Voya Term App Express
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Transamerica LifeTicket




Voya Life Companies offer “Term App Express” as a FREE electronic on-line short “ticket” term life insurance application submission portal hosted on your General Agency website.


  • It’s instantaneous…all data, signatures and images are sent electronically to Customer Service
  • Less time completing the application…by ensuring all demographic and contacting information is completed and sent to Voya’s approved fulfillment center upfront. We will work with your client to complete the full term life insurance application and schedule the collection of the age and amount requirements in a paperless system.
  • Greater accuracy…as a result of improved readability on the application forms
  • Secure…access to the portal can be placed on a general agent website
  • Easy access…because Term App Express and Voya’s approved fulfillment center will assign a policy number at submission for you to reference on subsequent requirements
  • Clean and correct…“In Good Order” applications

Workflow: To complete the ticket, log in to Voya Term App Express and respond to the application prompts. The system will produce the term app express application and forward it to the fulfillment center for completion. The fulfillment center then packages the application data and images to send electronically to the Customer Service.

LifeTicket FAQsTransamerica

What Happens Next-Agent Step-by-Step Guide

Things to Remember:

·         The ticket must launch from iPipeLine’s Quote engine.

·          TIA is not available.

·         Trendsetter Super and Trendsetter LB are the only products supported.

·         Owner must be the Insured.

·         The examiner will collect wet signatures.

·         Exam One will not answer any questions that are considered Acts of an Agent.  They will refer them back to the Agent.

·         Due to state specific disclosure, PA is not available.

·         FL is not currently available as a licensed agent must take the entire application.

·         Due to state specific replacement forms, KS, OR, RI, WA and WY are not available.